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Contact us if you are looking for first-hand information on the best investment opportunities in Serbia!

We offer you a wide range of investment opportunities in Serbia that provide the best return on investment. Choose from expertly selected residential and commercial property in Belgrade and all over the country, complemented by property management once you made the purchase. Get access to the top local real estate deals – starting from just EUR 100,000!

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Investment residency

Residency based on investment is popular for a reason: you can get a resident permit while also making a profitable investment.

Whether you choose to invest in residential or commercial real estate, an existing or a new business, or some other lucrative option, we are here to support you. Unlike many providers, we actually handle all aspects of these procedures, from choosing and making the right investment through our local network to acquiring residency for you and your family.

Real estate investment

Real estate investment in Serbia is safe, lucrative, and also qualifies you for residency without any hassle.

Unlike many countries, in Serbia you can get residency simply by purchasing real estate in the country. There are no additional requirements, you do not need to set up a business or invest extremely high amounts of money into particular projects. To find out how such an investment can benefit you and also help you enter the European market, talk to our experts today.



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